Your question made me realize, all those breakups I've been through - they have given me something. Playlists, and I love them. They're filled with songs my friends (many mutual friends) have given me, and I love to go out for a long run, often in the rain with tears, listen to those songs, and think of my friends. The longer the run, the better. I'll listen to the same playlist over and over. I suppose it's a way of brainwashing myself into realizing I am strong, and I am loved. You reminded me that now it can be my turn to share a song with others. The playlist is really all about the progression and the journey, of course. I'll drop my three favorite breakup songs here: Soulmate (Lizzo), Heart of Glass (Blondie), and Because I'm Me (The Avalanches). For true gluttons, here's the full playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5cPKyZw89Oi9sBduhjjQ4n

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