Hi loves, I’ve gotten some new subscribers, so thought I’d write a little reminder post as to what Dear Addie intended to be. It’s an advice column…
On self-portraiture
On being stuck in between and yet nowhere all at once
Happy Black History Month!
just femme & dandy is trying to get some love, as it gets closer to its birth
Hello darlings!, I write to you in this strange and unexpected world, where a day can drastically shift from one moment to the next. Luckily, and…
Hi lovelies!, I first saw Roman Holiday when I was a teenager, because my stepmother recommended it. It was a favorite of hers because she found the…
aka Best Breakup Playlist Ever
aka boundaries in a digital age
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Dear Subscribers, Welcome! After some thought, I’ve decided to currently make all material free, and will revisit having some material only for paying…